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Norman Barrows

resource limits of DrawIndexedInstanced()

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from the directx 10 docs, Resource Limits:



DrawIndexed[Instanced]() vertex count (incl. instancing) 232


just what do they mean by this?


the original mesh (vb) can only have 232 vertices? IE its the limit for IndexCountPerInstance?


or you can only create 232 instances of a mesh (vb) with one call  (InstanceCount limit) ?


or ALL the meshes (original + created) can only have a total of 232 vertices?  this i would find hard to believe.




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My guess would be that the documentation is broken, and it should say 232



Eddie Murphy - Coming to America




"OK, ok i'll taste the soup! Where's the spoon?"



"Aw, wadda you know from funny?"


Note that the quote above got nuked too, it should be 2^32, not 232.


IE: two raised to the thirty second power.


so the total number of vertices including instancing is 2^32.


i would assume that means the limit for:

IndexCountPerInstance * InstanceCount = total instanced verts

is 2^32.





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