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Coherent UI adds download file functionality to its in-game browser

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MartinZhel    130
Coherent UI is an HTML5 based game UI solution. Its newest release 1.2.1. adds 2 major new features - handling of downloads from the in-game browser and exporting .Net objects with their methods to JavaScript
File download also enables developers to integrate seamlessly advanced social features like users sharing photos, videos or other content. Also game asset streaming - downloading resources in run-time becomes a piece of cake to implement.
We've added a new feature that automatically exports .Net object with all of its methods to the browser JavaScript. 
Also we have re-designed our internal task scheduling routines and gained up to 30% performance improvement. That helped us to improve the on-demand views, which are now much faster.
Check out our latest blog post if you'd like to learn more of how to take advantage of these new features:

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