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Getting the width and height (and other data) from a SOIL loaded image.

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Enerjak    277

Ok, I managed to load a texture using SOIL, but now i need to get the width and height of the texture loaded, plus the bits (like the data). Man, textures in Direct3D are so much easier.

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Sponji    2503

I haven't used SOIL, but just looking at the header file's documentation gives you nice information. Have you tried something like this:


int width;
int height
int channels;

// Loads the image and gets its width, height and the number of channels
unsigned char *data = SOIL_load_image("kewltexture.png", &width, &height, &channels, SOIL_LOAD_AUTO);

// Generates a texture from the data you've just loaded
unsigned int textureid = SOIL_create_OGL_texture(
	width, height, channels,

// And remember to free the image data

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mhagain    13430

If you have the GLuint texture object, you can glBindTexture it and issue some glGet* calls.


glGetTexLevelParameter: - for height and width.

glGetTexImage: - for data.


In the latter case, I hope you're not intending a usage similar to LockRect/Map in D3D; OpenGL doesn't have API calls for this, so instead you'd use a PBO or retain a copy of the texture data in system memory.

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