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Arseniy Shved

Behavioral research for game designers. Please, take a poll.

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Hello everyone.

I am conducting a research for an article that will be published on my Gamasutra.com blog.

If you are not a game designer, ignore this topic!


Here is the question.

Imagine that an awesome opportunity to get a job in a game development company presented itself. The salary is high, the projects are interesting, the work conditions are good, and overall it is better and you want it.

All you need to do is to show the sample of your concept document.

You are presented with 2 options:

  • Private option: send the sample of your best work by email so that ONLY THEY could see it.
  • Public option: showcase your work on their public forum, where EVERYONE could see it.


Please choose the statement which correlates with your thoughts better. Take a minute to think about the statements. All of them have upsides and downsides.

  1. I am comfortable with both private and public options. I have no problem showing my work anywhere.
  2. I am comfortable with private option, but not with the public one. I have no problems with sending my work by email to my potential employer.
  3. I am comfortable with public option, but not with the private one. I have no problems with showcasing my work on public forums.
  4. I am uncomfortable with both options. However I have no problems with showcasing my other, slightly less impressive works.
  5. I am uncomfortable with both options. There is no way in hell I shall share any of my work with potential employer neither privately nor in public.


If you have any comments, thoughts or criticism, please leave a reply.

Thanks for your time!

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I'm developing two games but I have no "credentials" as a game designer.

Still, if my opinion is of any relevance I would say the 2nd option because if the job conditions were indeed so seductive then I believe the company would be solidly established in the industry, thus me showing them my concepts would be, despite my personal fears - acceptable.

But only by mail. On a forum you have little control over who's reading it and I believe in my games (and in their potential), so, if possible, I would avoid such a public display.

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