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Invalid UNWIND_INFO data?

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I'm trying to read the unwind data of some dlls (in this case: ntdll.dll).
I noticed that in some cases I read the data jsut fine, but in other cases I see "garbage".
I used dumpbin to look at the unwind data in the dll and I noticed that when I read "garbage" - dumbin can't read it either.

This is what I see with dumpbin:

  00006EF4 000442AF 000442C3 0014265D
  00006F00 000442C3 000442CD 00142669
  00006F0C 000442CD 000442D9 001444D5
  00006F18 000442D9 000442FD 00147E95
  00006F24 000442FD 00044376 00144679
  00006F30 00044376 000443D0 001448A1
  00006F3C 000443D0 0004442C 001254B0
    Unwind version: 1
    Unwind flags: None
    Size of prologue: 0x0A
    Count of codes: 4
    Unwind codes:
      0A: ALLOC_LARGE, size=0x1A8
      03: PUSH_NONVOL, register=rdi
      02: PUSH_NONVOL, register=rsi

I also noticed that when I resolve an IP to a "garbaged" runtime function,SymFunctionTableAccess64 does something that couldn't find any documnetation of.
So my questions are:
1. Is this really a garbaged unwind info? If not, how can I read its content?
2. What does SymFunctionTableAccess64 do when it handles such "garbage"? Where can I find some documentation for it?

thanks! smile.png

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