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Writing Windows 8 games

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Sugavanas    212

Actually, how do i write a 3d windows 8 game ?????? and also is there any way to do it in Unity....I know the way of writing it with JS or C# or C++ but still any engine out there

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evolutional    1393

At the moment you have the following options for Windows 8 store apps:

  • c++ with DirectX
  • c#/, c++ and XAML
  • HTML5 and JavaScript
  • C# and MonoGame

Unity support is reportedly in the pipeline, but has no public release date and news seems to be a little quiet as of late.


If you're familiar with things such as XNA, then MonoGame is a nice option, but it's not an 'engine'.


It's worth noting that most Engines support Windows 8, but not for Windows 8 store apps.

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