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SlimDX Math vs XNA Math

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Hello all,

Since Microsoft announced the impending death of XNA, I've decided to switch one of my projects from XNA to SlimDX.  My first impression of the SlimDX library is that it does a very nice job of providing a simplified wrapper around DirectX, and it seems like a great alternative to XNA.  However, the Math library provided by SlimDX is missing a few key components.  The two that are the biggest hamstring on me right now are:


1) No BoundingFrustum class

2) No Viewport class, with Project/Unproject methods.


Now obviously I can code these myself, but then every new project I start I have to import these classes, or create some kind of package, where as the XNA math library already has this stuff built in.  Plus who knows what else I will come across that I wish I had with SlimDX that XNA provides.  Now, even though the XNA library is dead, and the rendering engine is somewhat antiquated, the Math library to me seems timeless.  Is it crazy to abandon XNA for all rendering, sound, networking, ect, but still use the math library?  I'm sure SlimDX will catch up eventually, but for right now, it seems like the right call.  Thoughts?

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How about this alternative, if you haven't switched yet:


Also look into SharpDX.Toolkit. It will remind you of XNA.


Hmm after looking through the docs it seems like SharpDX is far more complete than SlimDX.  I think I need to do some more research into which framework to choose before diving in.  Thanks.

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