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Elium - Prison Escape - Intro

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Hey guys,
it's been 2.5+ years since I started using UDK, learning it, prototyping, producing, going big and back to small again. It's been all my work in my spare time, including programming, 3d modelling, texturing, animation, level creation, UI and menu work, sound recording and editing, music creation, maintaining my blog, etc.
Finally I've finished the intro for my game, Elium - Prison Escape.

This video has been captured from an in-game level, because this is also the same cutscene that will be in the game when it starts.
Of course all this time hasn't been spent only in this intro, but also in the game itself, which is in beta stage.

Anyway, without further mumbling here it is:




so what's next? well I need to work on some armor for the guards and make some level props to work on more rooms of the prison, and with that I'll take some screenshots and I'll try to get it up on Steam Greenlight. after that, time and the response it gets will determine how much this might become an opportunity to go for full-blown development or if I keep at it as a hobby, but I'm focused to finish it either way.

I hope you like it smile.png


[oops! sorry I posted this in the wrong section (this is where I usually lurk). should've been in the Lounge. I can't delete and re-post, so can an admin please move it?]

[also I'd love to post this on the IOTD but anywhere I look it says I don't have permission]

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where is a mod when I need one? I'd re-post this in the Lounge sub-forum but last time I double-cross-posted I got a warning by a mod blink.png

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