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Me again, looking for odd ref games. Can you help?

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Orymus3    18821

Hey there,


Once again, I'm looking for a very specific type of gameplay that I've had trouble to lay my hands on after a deep/long googling search.


I'm looking for a space colonization game much akin to most 4X titles, but with a strong emphasis on logistics and survival, as opposed to combat. An economical type of game so to speak, where its quite possible for an empire to die from within by lack of food, poor economy, etc.

Resource scarcity is a must here, and true player engagement should come from managing resources and planning colonies.


The closest reference I found so far is a game I actually used to play (VGA Planets 3). While a full-fledged 4X game, it does away with most artifice and ship customization or science and focuses on logistics. Poor planning really can lead you to defeat. While I'm perfectly fine with an element of military conquest, the core idea here is really the economy.


Can you lend a hand?


Note: I've glossed on that topic a while back:

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