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UnderGround Rush - Zombie Survival game

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Today is the day that i want to make a change in this game. The main change is by adding new characters from Dante's Inferno, some "dogs" new zombies, and some new sprites. Today i finished LEVEL5, the main theme: hospital! Here are some screenshots:


You can download the demo at www.alexmatei.com/games


Hello again! Its day three and another level finished! The LEVEL 4!

There's not too much say about this level because i will repeat myself with the words that i said in the other posts like added zombies and replaced the short health with a big health bla bla bla....Anyway...The level's theme is about sewers and a big fat basement that killed me a lot of time lightmappinglaugh.png. I found that it has some great graphics because of the low light sections and a because of the shadows that are much more visible than on the other levels! Here are some screenshots:



You can download the demo at www.alexmatei.com/games


Hello! Another day another levelsmile.png! Today i want to tell you that i am progressing everyday passing by. I just finished the third level this time with ease. On the construction side or the programming side is the same old think as the first and second levels. The level's theme is a big dungeon with tunnels etc. you will see fire everywhere, the main source of light. The lightmapping thankfully it was good, no issues regarding the exceeding memory. I programmed the zombies to be more accurate and managed to program a very cool skill to see the main character from a big distance and calculate when to aproach and attack and when to stopcool.png. I set the health and the speed more higher, this means that it gets harder than the previous level. Finally i had to create new textures and new 3D Models for this new level such as dungeon walls, tunnels, broken tables, new crates, barrels, dead zombies chainned on wallblink.png and i tried the strategy with the point light near objects to cast powerfull shadows to give some realistic flavour to the level. With all that said lets see a few screenshots:



You can download the demo free at www.alexmatei.com/games



Hello again guys! As i said yesterday i will give you updates when i feel that something is good to post and i will give detalied updates once i will start working at LEVEL 3!

But hey! It's day 2 everyone! Here's another cool new update!

I just finished LEVEL 2, it gave me a hard time with the light mapping process because of the exceeded memory, but i managed to shrink the problem and test it for taking a few screenshots. Then i managed to create the loading side for level 2 with background music and the loading bar fully working. In the level itself, i've added background music, setting the weapons damage to medium and the zombies maximum health. This means it gets harder and harder when you progress through levels.I've added flickering lights, normal lights and i positioned them in such way that it will create shadows. As a note about light in a level: lights are very important when creating a level beacuse it defines shaders, adds more detail and pushes your GPU(graphics process unit) to reveal more content. Enough talking, lets see the screenshots:

Download the demo at www.alexmatei.com/games



Hello guys! This is my first ever post about a game idea on this forum on GameDev.net!

This post is about a game called UnderGround Rush, a zombie survival game, not a horror game, just the enjoyment to shoot and discover a paralllel world in adrenaline mode!

On this post i will provide with content such as screenshots or videos and infos about my progress of the game, and i really hope that you will like it!biggrin.png . And as a final note to the introduction, this project is serious so no abandonment or unpleasant surprises and it is programmed in FPS Creator!


For the start here is the progress so far.


I created the very first level(to tell you the truth i already finished this level and level 2 before i created this post so i can't really provide detailed content only starting from level3!), added zombies, i managed very hard to place them in the correct order in order for them to see the main character, created the design on paper and converted it into 3D. I also manage to add some fullscreen effects such as blur and the results are these:








The demo with the first level described here can be found and downloaded at www.alexmatei.com/games

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