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How does VSYNC work?

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ehmdjii    238

from a hardware point of view, how does vsync work?


is it the monitor telling the graphics card, i am ready, give me the next frame.


or is it the graphics card pusing the next frame to the monitor in regular intervals?



also, is it true that real vsync only works in exclusive fullscreen mode?

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dave j    681
Historical note:

In the olden days, 8 bit micro era, there wasn't enough memory to do double buffering (even if the hardware supported it). In order to get tear free screen updates some programs with complex screen updates would wait for the VBLANK then start updating the screen memory from top to bottom trying to keep ahead of the raster. The delay between the VBLANK and the raster starting to draw the first line allowed them to get enough of a head start to allow them to finish before the raster caught up.

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