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saving and random generator

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i have a problem with the random generator in c++. for starters how do you use it. It never seems to work. can someone please help me. and also is there a function in c++ to make the computer wait/pause for a few secs. please help me!!! hmmm interesting

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rand(0) returns a random integer.
if you want a random number say between 100 and 150 then do like this:
randomInteger = 100 + ( rand(0) % 50 );

or if you want a random decimal value beteween -1.00 and 1.00 then:

randomDecimal = -1.00f + ((float)(rand(0) % 100) / 50.0f)

(I assume u r familiar with the '%' operator, if not: ask)

To make the puter pause..
you can:

int startTime = time(0);
while((time(0) - startTime) < 1) // pauses about one sec
// wait

but there are probably several ways to do this, maybe someone else has a smarter algorithm for you.

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sleep() isn''t particularly good. It essentially tells windows to jump to another thread and come back to this one when your ready AFTER this amount of time.

So it''s not particularly accurate

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Use timeGetTime() for pausing - wait until the value it returns is greater than or equal to your desired sleep time.

rand() also doesn''t take any parameters; you need to seed the random number generator using srand(). rand() is guaranteed to generate identical sequences of pseudorandom numbers for the same seed, so it''s often a good idea to save your seed. Also, the more random the seed, the more "random" the sequence of numbers. A good way to get a seed is to divide the instantaneous system tick count by 120 or so (remember to save this seed!)

unsigned int seed = timeGetTime()/120;
// get a "random" number between 0 and 99
int random = rand() % 100;

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