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OpenGL drawing things on top of my heightmap

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i'm not good at 3d math (and openGL in general) at all - and i don't really want to learn right now, i just want to get this bit done. there are plenty of tutorials for heightmaps but i can't find examples of drawing an object on top of the heightmap - eg. (1) find the height of a point inside a heightmap cell, translate to that point (2) rotate to align with the cell's plane, so i can draw an object on it (so that the plane's normal is the up direction).


i think (1) should be easy, just adding some vectors. but i'm not sure how to do (2).


i'm not very familiar with glm but i think i should use this to do the math.


i hope i am making sense. any help would be appreciated. thanks :)

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1. To get the exact YPOS of the point on a heightmap, a little bit of trigonometry is needed. Try to draw it on a paper from the front and side view and you should come up with the equations pretty easily yourself (it's just a basic trig - sin/cos and pythagoras)


2. You can also do an approximation through lerping - which works well most of the time (unless the difference in slope between two neighbouring tris is too big).

  - Calculate the DeltaY1 for points A,B : DeltaY1 = B.YPOS - A.YPOS

  - calc. DeltaY2 for points A,C. DeltaY2 = C.YPOS - A.YPOS

  - for a point P, on the triangle ABC:

    - PctX = (P.XPOS - A.XPOS) / (B.XPOS-A.XPOS)

    - PctZ = (P.ZPOS - A.ZPOS) / (B.ZPOS-A.ZPOS)

    - Y1 = A.YPOS + PctX*DeltaY1

    - Y2 = A.YPOS + PctZ*DeltaY2

    - final YPOS = Y1 + (Y2-Y1)/2

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