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SCI FI INTERIOR Modular Pack - Make sci fi interiors to any size, style with Klix 3d

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The SciFi Interior pack utilizes our Klix3d Mesh System.  The pack allows the user to connect together floor, wall and

ceiling meshes together to make any size, and shape of interior space. 
A wide variety of materials are included, that can then be applied to these meshes, to customize the room texture design. 

The scene is then completed with adding props that
are included with the pack to add additional detail to the interior settings.
If your 3d editor has snap to grid, then you can utilise this system to drag the 3d elements along, so they snap together perfectly.

There is a full video tutorial on using the pack that can be accessed via the website - alternatively check out below.


This release is the Core Pack - there will be addons of props, materials, construction segment meshes released consistently over the next few months.
Customers who purchase TODAY, get all addons free that are released over the next 6months

Also the pack is discounted from $100 to $50 for the next 7 days too

Product Price:$50

Product Page:

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