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XFile Animation - This book did it, but how?

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Howdy, On the main page for this site, they gave a link to a new book coming out about Directx http://home.att.net/~rpgbook He already has examples of using XFiles, and making and using animations set up in Milkshake. However, I can not find any documentation on how to use those frames and information in the XFile itself. Since the book is not out, I have no idea how he did it. Has anyone else been able to make use of the key frame data in an XFile? Or will the book end up describing how he parsed the file himself and did all the work. I have never really had a use for XFiles, but if DirectX can handle animation automatically, that would be great! Thanks!

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Sorry for a repost, but I found more information, but not
the solution.
In another thread someone said the animation was only possible
in Retained mode. However, in the DX8 examples, there is one called Skinned Mesh, which indeed uses a DX8 device. However, when they load their mesh, they use a
D3DRM_XTEMPLATES as the template to the file they load.
Notice the DRM in that. Very interesting. Ok, back to plowing my way through this unreadable code.

Note: Who ever out there thinks something like ''pxofapi'' is a
good variable name should bang their head against the wall.
Especially since it is a LPDIRECTXFILE in this case.
Pure crap.

Once again, if anyone has ANY information on loading and doing animations from XFiles, I would love to know anything about it!

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I too am most eager to know how to do animations in direct3D applications.

"I envy you, who has seen it all"
"And I, young sir, envy you, who have yet to see it for the first time..."
- Daniel Glenfield
1st October 2001

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LOL @ ''pxofapi''

I can make out how he put the variable name together... xof is the .x file format name and hes linking a pointer to the api...

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