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Unemployment game(ification)

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I'm unemployed right now and need to refresh my web development skills, while organize my applications work. My idea is to combine the two activities and make a game in where I apply for jobs smile.png


Outline of JobViking

  1. Raid & Loot internet
  2. Gather Loot in Treasury
  3. Process Loot
  4. Profit!



There are many sites online who post job openings, as well as sites which have their own publishing systems. A raid map contains a checklist of various sites which I need to raid every day.


Gather Loot

Whenever I find a job that could be suitable I add it to my loot stash (link to job description and how much gold I would valuate it to be worth (priority).


Process loot

I have this database where I have my CV and all possible relevant and irrelevant postings in a table (not that it contains that much). Using a simple form I would pick the relevant things from it and add it to the CV. I also have a table for personal letters including the possibility to add more of course. The loot processing is simply to put together my application. The application will be served using hResume (xml markup for resumes), pure text and as a unique web page per application (identified with a key). I would really like to get it to export a PDF some other document format, but that seems hard... I found a PDF generator that costs $3000+ per license :/



I guess the end goal is to get a job, so that would be the ultimate profit! See question below about score.


Questions to community

  1. From a job-search organization perspective, is there some element I'm missing?
  2. How should I score myself? Should I have levels or achievements or simply a "gold score" for all the steps I manage to complete?
  3. How should I collect feedback and notes in a meaningful way? I will learn things as I go forward.
  4. Being unemployed I sit at home a lot, so it would be really good if the game could also reward other features and counters for physical and cheap social activities.

Answer to my own questions

1. There should be a intermediate step before writing the application where the job description is "broken down" into components to make the application writing easier.

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