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very weird bug in code [ FIXED ]

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miradosamurai    112

okay i was coding some last night i compiled and made sure the program was running correctly it was then today i change some code something is wrong its not working then i go back to what i had last night nothing changed AT ALL and the same thing was happening, so then i go back to something i had working a couple days ago....same thing it says error CS1518 for the code 




static void Main(string[] args)
Console.Title = "Project Criminal";
Console.SetWindowSize(120, 48);
do {
} while(isGameAlive);
why is it doing this all of a sudden?
EDIT:went back to something several days ago and it still compiles correctly no error or anything and its the same code the only difference is whats in the "" in console.title
EDIT 2: fixed it apparently when i went back i didnt catch everything and long story short there was 1 too many closing brackets.
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