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Fitting shadow map to view frustrum. Best way to do it?

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I've been messing with this all day but haven't gotten any satisfactory results.


I'm using an orthographic projection for my shadow mapping and I calculate and fit the ortho to fit exactly around the view frustrum. I also rotate the ortho so the frustrum fills as much of the space as possible.


The shadows are all correct and in their normal places but when I rotate the camera or move around it gives this exceptionally obnoxious shimmering effect. At certain angles I can very well see a moire pattern as well.


What is the best way to go about this? I've tried cranking up the PCF blending and it's no good, and I've also added a bunch to the z to offset the moire pattern but it's still shimmering and looking messed up at weird angles.


Should I just fit the ortho to the view frustrum but not rotate the ortho to completely fill the space? I think the rotation is whats causing the shimmering.


I'd appreciate any advice on the subject. Thanks.

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