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    • By Matthew Suttles
      I am looking for team members to potentially collaborate on the development of various game projects as well as assistant applications potentially, tabletop games for example.  At the moment, I am doing the entire production on my own, which as a result is incredibly slow.  Any contributions will of course be credited, and as far as experience or skills, if you're confident that you can accomplish the tasks, then I'm more than willing to allow you to try.
      The biggest need at the moment is some art skills.  I 'can' draw, but not well, which means that if I'm going for positive asthetics, that it's going to take all year.  In my 2D games, and 3D games, art has been the one hold up.  I'm currently trying to work around the art issue, using placeholders and the likes, but the result is that no matter how far I take the game in concept, it's still lightyears from completion.  The more I accomplish, the more art assets will be needed to utilize it.  I intend to work on my own skills still in this department, but that being said, people who just want to get their art into a product, or people who want to expand their portfolio, are more than welcome to take over the production of art assets.  If you only have experience in pixel art, that's fine, I have a pixel art project on-going.  If you only 3D model, that's fine too, I've had some success in concept art and the likes, and helpful friends as well. Are you more the writing type?  Me too, we can bounce ideas back and forth, help solidify the storyline and concepts as we go on into the development process. Business minded?  I'd love to learn more by seeing how you work.
      I will say that, while I am working to advance my skills in all facets of game development, though my primary focus is programming, that being said I will always welcome a comrade, or ally.  Your position as a team member will not be nullified if I become able to fulfill the role.  The fact of the matter is, a team can accomplish more.  I do work a LOT on these projects, but I do understand that if you are joining this team, you aren't doing so for the wealth, meaning you likely have responsibilities elsewhere.  So, do not hesitate to contact me. If you are a beginner, looking to learn by practice, then you are welcome to come as well. We will utilize the best suited works for any development done, but it will always be merit based, meaning that whether you're a beginner that just joined, or me, if yours is more suited to the situation, yours will be used, and you will be credited for it.  Students, hobbyists, or professionals, all welcome.  If you're a professional though, I'm going to wonder why you are joining, but you are still welcome to join!
      Samples are always welcome, but if you don't have any, or don't know what to submit to the diversity of my product description, then just contact me, elaborate on what you do, and I'll give you a subject.  One that will not be used unless you join the team, of that you have my word.
      Matthew Suttles,
      Seik Luceid#9656 on Discord, luceid.dezeir on Skype, or MatthewSuttles@Gmail.com
      You can also respond to this thread though response time may be slower.
    • By Damnwing0405
      I am looking for talents to form a team of making a strategy base action game. Talents I am currently looking for are : -
      (I) Unity programmer (mobile)
      (II) Game designer
      (III) 3d Artist
      (IV) SFX Artist
      The attachment is some game concept for the game. All the concept will be turn into 3d or card form. The game will be strategy game where the players can form their own team and control the units in the battle field real time to fight against each others.  If you are interested to know more details please pm me or send an email to damnwing0405@gmail.com

    • By bsudheer
      Leap Leap Leap! is a fast-paced, endless running game where you leap from rooftop to rooftop in a computer simulated world.

      This is a free run game and get excited by this fabulous computer simulated world of skyscrapers and surreal colors in parallax effect. On your way, collect cubes and revival points as many as you can to make a long run.

      Features of Leap Leap Leap:
      -Option of two themes: Black or White.
      -Simple one touch gameplay.
      -Attractive art.
      -Effective use of parallax.
      To Download the game:
      Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avakaigames.leap
      Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/leap-leap-leap/id683764406?mt=8

    • By BillyGD

      Play Flick Football 3D @ https://gamejolt.com/games/flickfootball3d/326078
      Check out our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/FlickFootball3D/
      Flick Football 3D is a turn based football game inspired by the table top classic 'Subbuteo'.
      The game is currently in very early Alpha development. There is still a lot to be done before the first proper release but I have decided to release this playable version to get as much feedback as possible.
      The only game mode currently available in this release is the 'Practice Mode' which gives you control of both teams. Either play against yourself to get used to how the game works or play against friends and family on the same computer!
      Planned Future Features Include:
      -Take control of your own custom team in the single player campaign.
      -Play in online leagues and tournaments against other players in the multiplayer mode.
      -Fully customisable stadiums to make you stand out from the rest of the players.
      -Improve your players stats and skills by playing matches and setting up training sessions.
      Flick Football 3D is available for Windows, Mac and Browser.
      Thank you for viewing my game, all feedback is greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at; BillyGDev@outlook.com
      'Flick Football 3D' is also the development name for the game and I haven't yet decided what the full release will be called, so if you have any ideas please drop me a message!
    • By drcrack
      It is a combination of fundamental RPG elements and challenging, session-based MOBA elements. Having features such as creating your unique build, customizing your outfit and preparing synergic team compositions with friends, players can brave dangerous adventures or merciless arena fights against deadly creatures and skilled players alike.

      This time with no grinding and no pay to win features.

      We're still looking for:
      1) 3D Character Artist
      2) 3D Environment Artist
      3) Animator
      4) Sound Designer
      5) VFX Artist

      Discord https://discord.gg/zXpY29V or drcrack#4575
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Unity Guidelines for creating a CRobots clone, an AI bot game for programmers

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Before proceeding to my question of interest, I would like to congradulate and thank all the people participating in this invaluable community. I have never been an active member before, however reading though GameDev.net has helped me a lot at times.


I will shortly introduce myself inorder to help you with your answers. I have MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering and I have more than 10 years of experience in computer programming and problem solving. I do have proficient skills in C/C++, C#, .NET, x86 assembly, Win32 API, Multithreading, GPGPU, and others. I do have significant experience in Computer Graphics programming using OpenGL and DirectX at an intermediate level but most on my 3D programming was not applied in game programming but either in science or commercial engineering software. I also do have solid knowledge of Linear Algebra and 3D Math used behind the scenes in Computer Graphics. I have developed some simple games with simple 2D graphics in the past for PC and mobile (PalmOS at that time). However, as many programmers, I lack knowledge and experience in digital arts (modelling, texturing, etc).


Despite my scientific background, Computer Graphics and Computer Games have always been intriguing to me. Apart from creating a game from scratch, I find game modding and botting (Artificial Intelligence) really exciting. Lately, I feel inspired by the, old indeed, game CRobots. In case you never heard of it, it is a game designed for programmers. The programmer is required to write a computer program (bot) that controls a virtual robot with the ultimate goal to be the only survivor inside the game arena. At each highest level, the idea is similar to creating a bot for the latest commercial games available, with one significant difference: Usually botting a commercial game is illegal and the bot writers are hacking around the game in order to automate the bot's tasks. On the other hand, in a dedicated game for bots, information suchs map, enemies on sight and other game state variables would be available using an official API. This gives greater flexibility on programmers interested solely in Artificial Intelligence to try their skills against others. In my mind, a modern programming game on this concept, would be based on a client server model with the server running the core simulation of the game, and the client consisting of AI code and a viewer.


Hopefuly you didn't loose your patience so far and can continue reading to my question. Given the general concept above, my solid programming background and my lack of knowledge in digital arts, based on your game developing experience, which way should I be heading ? Based on your experience, what should be the game engine architecture ? Would it be possible to use any freely available game engines and modifying accordingly ? Is it possible to complete the project as a game mod ? How can network latency be tackled ? Is the method you propose able to integrate seemlesly with the network layer of a game engine ?


I am willing to devote some effort to develop some visual arts skills as needed by the project for intermediate visual results.


I am looking forward to hearing your comments.


Thank you very much,



PS: A more comprehensive list with similar games to CRobots can be found here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25952/best-programming-based-games

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You seem to have a nice resume, but to put it kindly, you don't really need to say such things on a site like this. Anyway, your concept sounds interesting, but when I think about your project, I wonder what you will be focusing on in your development. First, programming these bots seems to be the focus of your project. If I were you, I would find an easy 2D engine and just build your basic concepts. A top down 2D engine with just circles as objects should do the trick. Then you'll need to find a way for the gamers to write the bots. Will you use a scripting language? There are some nice ones like Lua and AngelScript. If you can do that, next you can look into making it multiplayer. I would add 3D last as your core game is writing bots.

This site has lots of useful articles. You should look around. Also, you can search the forums for more information.

I hope this helps you.

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Latency can be solved by uploading the robot to the server of the person holding the contest. Many small contests can then store the robots that have won a lot for others to fight against offline. Fixed step physics is important for AI consistency so that no bot is better or worse at a certain frequency. You also need to allocate timeslots for the virtual machines running the robots so that efficient code get a faster reaction like in real life and don't cause the game to hang because a robot hangs.

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Thank you for your replies.


In my mind writing those bots would be in an arbitrary language in a way that different programmers can program their bots in their programming language of interest. A network interface based on TCP/UDP would be used to interact with the server. Thus, in this scenario network latency needs to be hidden in a way that is applied in modern multiplayer video games. I would appreciate any help in this direction. Do any of you have any recommendation on specific (maybe free) 2D game engines ?


Thanks a lot.

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