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Voxel based summoning game

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So I have this idea for a game that I want to start working on. Its going to look kind of like minecraft, but more realistic and not as "pixely". The same concept applies with the use of blocks, only the blocks will be much smaller than the ones in minecraft. Its going to be a multiplayer game also unless I can figure out some kind of advanced AI for the enemies. There will be different maps, such as a canyon, forest, beach, things like that. The maps will have to be huge too because of the mining and crafting aspect and gathering resources. You start off at a predetermined spawn point and set you "base" within 15 seconds of the game start. The base creates a big wall in which you build your "buildings". Your main tower is also directly in the middle, which if destroyed, removes you from the game. You spawn "wisps" that automatically advance towards the enemy bases. I dont want this to be a warcraft 3 type game, which is why you wont be able to drag and move individual units at a time. There will be buttons that allow you to retreat and other combat based movements tho. You have 3 resources, rock, tree, and spirit. Spirit will summon the "wisps". Rock is used to build up your town walls as you would in minecraft. Trees can also be used for that too, although they will be more scarce in some maps than in others. Trees and rocks will also be used for upgrading your buildings and "wisps". 

The maps will not be random. Each map will be very large tho, so as not to drain resources quickly and allow for a bigger battlefield,. They will all have boundaries, either mountains, water, or a dense area of trees that you arent able to cut down. I also want to add weather and have it affect your wisps. There will be a day and night cycle also. In order to win, you must get a certain number of points. Example: 5 v 5 is first to 10000, 4v4 first to 8000 and so on. Destroying a main tower gives you 2000, each wisp will give 10 or 5. That has yet to be determined until I can figure out how big the battles will actually be. 

Their will be a minimap like warcraft 3. You can switch between 3rd and first person views, although you can only gather resources through first person mode. 

My goal for this game is to create my first actual game that I can be proud of :) I want it to be chaotic with huge battles at points. There has to be a fine line between gathering resources, building up your walls, and keeping track of your troops. What I want to stand out most tho is the interaction between team members. Say youre running low on rocks and your wall has been destroyed. Maybe a team member could help you out!! The rock textures will have different colors based on the player you are so youll know who has helped you out. Resources must be used wisely also. There will be a limited amount of rock and tree that you can gather. Spirit will regenerate over time, and be made faster by upgrading your technology.

Im not sure what your character will look like yet. Maybe a wizard or witch? Youll be able to level them up and battle with your troops if you feel that you have enough resources to last you a few minutes. Your character will also have abilities that can help you gather faster or make your wisps stronger or faster.


Anyways, I know that I am nowhere near ready to start developing this game yet as I have no knowledge of 3d in XNA. Would this even be possible in XNA? Or would I be better off going with a different library? Questions and ideas are appreciated :)

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j-locke    945

It sounds like maybe this game would spread itself a little too thin. So it would deliver a decent experience at a few different different levels but not focus enough to be great at any one of them. So as a player, I'd probably just go to a game that excelled at the portion that I really cared about.


It's feels like maybe you're describing a real-time strategy game that takes away the micro aspects that rts gamers enjoy. And it's a moba but it adds in the need to control all these other aspects rather than the single main character that seems typical in those games (I don't play mobas so I can't vouch for what they do or don't enjoy). And it's minecraft but you're taking away my open endedness (I've watched minecraft be played, but haven't played it myself since early beta, so I'm not in-touch with those gamers' feelings/desires).


In games that I've played with 3rd and 1st person view, I tend to play both then pick one and never touch the other again. So for me, I'd say don't bother with the 1st person view... but that's just for me, so that's probably something worth asking more people who would be potential players.


Now for some aspects that I think are particularly cool, this sounds like a strategy game at its core with some heavy influences from other games/genres. I'm a big fan of strategy games so I think if the strategy ideals that you describe shine through, I'd definitely give the game a try (the ideals I mean in particular are you talking about the fine line between gathering, building, and keeping track of troops as well making the decision to keep gathering or go fight with your powerful unit). Between the team-style play that's required, multiple resources to be gathered, and the day-night cycle, I think there could be a lot of room for gamers and teams of gamers to develop very different strategies to succeed in the game. Emergent strategies is always a cool thing to be a part of and theorycraft.


Keep on advancing your skills. Having that game that you would love to make out on the horizon will definitely help keep you motivated as you learn and grow and overcome the smaller hurdles and challenges that you have on the projects leading up to your big one.


I feel like XNA would be able to handle that type of game, but it is a pretty unique game so I can't really point to a game and say "see it can handle this, so it can handle yours." Searching around for XNA Minecraft implementations that people have done could help feel out that thought. When people emulate Minecraft, they usually strive for humongous worlds. But do keep in mind that you're likely going to be doing a bit more processing than those Minecraft clones are as you'll have AI-controlled mobs fighting other AI-controlled mobs and players and walls and towers.


Have fun stepping into the world of 3d as you prepare for your epic game!

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 The main thing I want to happen with this game is for the player to feel like creating and upgrading their walls makes a difference in the defense against enemy wisps. I definitely need to work on the combat system, as I feel that too many buttons would make the game more "battle" focused which is what I dont want. I want the player to be able to click a button that selects one of the 5 enemy players, and have their troops attack their walls, while attacking the enemy troops along the way. Almost like a league of legends AI, but with a litle more control if that makes sense. I'm planning on having long range, explosive, and heavy defense troops along with the normal wisps. All will be able to be selected seperately, along with having one or two style specific buttons...The long range will have a button to move behind other troops, explosive troops will have the ability to explod all at once, heavy defense will be able to move to the front...things like that. 

I feel that if I can keep the player busy enough alternating between creating resources and watching the battle, the fun of the game will come naturally and I won't have one specific area of the game that excels above the others. I want all to be equally useful throughout the game, with no strong focus on one aspect unless the player wants to just focus on battles or building. Thats where the other team members come in. You could just focus on creating troops and battling, while another team member can gather resources and build the walls. 
Those are just a few ideas. As I actually start creating the game I'm sure a lot of the aspects about it will change, and also having a few people test the game will help a lot too

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