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Load/Perf Testing Interview Help!

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hpdvs2    1017

(my apologies if this is not the best place for this post, it seemed the most related)


I'm flying in for an interview with Microsoft's Gaming Division.  I will be working on Load Testing for companies creating XBox games, to make sure server communication handling is comfortable prior to release.  I have reasonable past experience on it, but I'm hoping to expand my perceptions on it.  


For load/perf/stress testing, what do you look for/take care of?  What advice could you give.  Naturally, I will be using MS technologies, but generalized technology discussions on this are also welcome.  




Example questions:  What types of questions might you ask in relation to determining the best user profiles?  What metrics are important? Do you have a generic process you follow?  Any tips in general?  Also, feel free to give vague starter responses.  I'm pretty comfortable with load/perf testing, but I don't want to presume I have all my basis covered.  (Hence this post)  


Thanks.  laugh.png

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hplus0603    11347
"Tell me about automated data capture and review tools you've used." (Note: if whatever you're using is less capable than open source like then you're not doing enough!)

"You need to run this piece of software on 300 Windows machines. It requires a redist upgrade for a package that requires a user to accept an EULA when installing. What do you do?"

"We put covers on our TPS reports now. Did you get a copy of the memo?"

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frob    44904

What advice could you give.

Get a good night's sleep since they are flying you in.

Get some exercise about a half hour before the interview, such as light jogging.  Just enough to get your blood flowing.


I don't believe cramming for an interview will help.  Either you are a good fit naturally (which will be proven in the first 90 days) or not.



Make sure you ask them questions.  It isn't just if they are a good match for you.  Be prepared to turn them down if they don't fit your needs.

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