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I am here to help promote your games!

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Hello everyone!

I am Adrian, also known as the Indie Game Promoter. I have recently started a YouTube channel devoted to helping independent developers get their game's name or even their own name out to the world. With the reach a social media site like YouTube has, you are bound to get a lot more attention for yourself and the games you develop. So I ask that any developer that is serious about what they do and wants to get some more attention to their amazing work to contact me at theindiepromoter@gmail.com (See message format below), and I will do my best on your behalf.


I love Indie Games and have a great deal of passion for independent development in all types of media, not just games. Seeing how creative the mind really is and being able to feel every ounce of devotion and passion that the developers have put into their games is just astonishing. And the community is like no other. Everyone is so close and there to help each and every person to see their creations come to life.


All in all, the idea is to do a Let's Play video, featuring game play for your game and discussing details about your company or yourself, and of course the game. There are no other requirements. Just contact me with your permission to make the video and a link to your game, as well as any info about yourself or the game that you would like me to share on the video. It's definitely a win-win.


I plan on my channel growing, as I have already received so much support from the viewers and followers. I have many plans for the channel should it grow.





Message Format (Leave a specific section blank if it does not apply to you):
*Game Title:
*Developer Website:
*Game Website:
*Kickstarter/Steam Greenlight:
*Any info about the game you would like mentioned in the video (What inspired you, interesting info, etc):
*Any info about yourself (The Developer) you would like mentioned (How long have you been creating games, etc):


My channel can be found here:

I am also on Twitter and Facebook:


Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to play your game for the world!

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On any platform? I'm an android indie dev.

For now, I mainly do PC games. I am looking to expand to console with a capture card, but I have an Android Emulator that works great! If you could port it to PC(a lot of people do), I'll be the only one to access it and make sure to mention that it's only for Android. Let me know, I'd be happy to help!


Don't have anything worth sharing. I'll contact you in a few years when I have something I can be proud of.

You should always be proud of your work! :D
No worries. Keep me in mind. I am not going anywhere.

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