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Keloysius Mak

A New Facebook Game - Sushi King!

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The quest to become the next Sushi King has begun. Hundreds and thousands of chefs graduating from the Kanatsuki Academy of Sushi have travelled the country, looking for recipes of exquisite and rare Sushi, to fulfil their destiny of becoming the next Sushi King.


What is Sushi King?

Sushi King is a Facebook Game for people to learn more about the Japanese culture and have fun at the same time. It is designed for people to engage in a competitive yet passive game of making Sushi. 

The game starts out as the player being a Sushi Rookie having graduated from the Kanatsuki Academy of Sushi. To rise the ranks, the player has to sell his Sushi at locations scattered across the country. As the player sells more Sushi, the player's fanbase will grow, and some of his loyal customers may in fact give the player tips and suggestions on how to improve the player's Sushi, unlocking more locations, more Sushi recipes, more Sushi preparation utensils and even more Sushi ingredients.

That's not all, monthly there will be a cookfest where Sushi masters from all around the globe can participate in the cookfest to earn extra money and even limited edition utensils.




10/5 We will be releasing more artwork and our promotional video soon. We are delaying the release of the video as we are focusing and prioritizing our time and effort into designing the graphical interface and artwork for the video.



How the game works.

Designed to be played in between short periods of time, the game revolves around the user making Sushi with his utensils, selling them for a sum of money which they can use to buy ingredients to make better Sushi, which fetch more money of course. 

Occasionally, a customer will be so happy with the Sushi that he/she will reveal tips on new locations that players can explore and sell their Sushi, new recipes of Sushi or even reveal hidden Sushi dojos where top-class utensils are sold.

The game emulates closely the daily workings of a Sushi chef and the challenges they face, and subjects the user to the same stresses blended with the fun of the game.


Why Sushi?

Crazy ideas come from crazy dreams. We had this idea to come up with a project related to Sushi over lunch, and being passionate about Facebook games, we explored the possibility of making this a reality over the past few months.

And not to mention, being fanatical fans of Sushi ourselves.


Who is behind Sushi King?

We are two computing students currently studying our final year of college, and we have embarked on this project not only to push our boundaries, but also to pit our skills against running a full-scale Facebook game.

We are well-versed in many programming languages, and have bagged numerous prizes at competitions organized yearly in our country. 

Our previous experiences include designing a full-scale social media platform and video indexer site, as well as a fully functional message board system deployed in our college.


What do we hope to achieve from this?

Being our first time creating and deploying a full-scale Facebook game, it is always a brand new experience for us. Our priorities are clear, and we are focused on delivering a game that people enjoy, instead of creating games to profit off them. Making this game profitable is not our priority in the short term.

We also hope to spread our love for Sushi around the world and hopefully the world can take some time to enjoy this lovely piece of Japanese culture.


What can you expect from us?

As you read this development of the game is underway. We are constantly working to improve it and coming up with innovative new ways to improve the game, making it a game that people will want to play and can enjoy in their free time.

We will be posting regular updates on our progress, artwork that we've come up with, and how the final product will look like.

We expect to finish the product by late July.


What is the current status of the game?

We have completed the game engine as of now and are focusing on the design work such as the GUI and the character designs. 

We are also working on tweaking the mechanics of the game to make it a lot more playable and enjoyable with a comfortable difficult level.


How will your funds be used?

Donating to this game will go 100% directly to the development of the game. We are a little shorthanded, being a two-man team, and the funding will first go to the rental of server space on Amazon as well as outsourcing some of the design work, so that we can get it up and running as soon as possible.

Funds will also go into organizing virtual events in the game, which offer real money prize rewards to give back to our users.

We will also channel some of the funds into advertising to spread the news about the game.


What is our current progress?

We are done with the game engine, right now we are focusing on getting the artwork and user interface ready, as well as tuning the game mechanics to make the game slightly challenging but fairly easy to play.

We have been covering whiteboards with drawings and diagrams about the various algorithms the game would take, and to be fairly honest, we're pretty pleased with how the engine is running now. We're subjecting it to some tests at the moment, to make sure the code is efficient and reliable.



Feel free to ask us on Indiegogo at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sushi-king/x/3198235 about any questions you may have about this game and we are sure to reply you as soon as we can.

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