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Battle For Elysium

Announcing Battle For Elysium - Invitation to become BETA tester

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Greetings to All, 
I would like to invite everyone on this respected FORUM to join the current BETA of my first game developed for iOS and Android - Battle For Elysium (B4E): a space-based RTS that feels "old" as well as "new". 
Here's a preview of the game on YouTube:
The "old" in B4E represents "old-school" influences of my earliest sci-fi gaming experiences. Classic series such as: Imperium Galactum, Star Control, Master of Orion, Homeworld, Starfleet Command, Space Empires, SoaSE, SOTS and many others. And yes, the earliest title was from 1984, which puts my age as mid-40's ;). 
Battle For Elysium definitely has these influences, yet I strived to create something "new" for casual gaming on the iOS and Android platform that others like myself would (hopefully) find entertaining. I had several unique gameplay elements in mind, while developing B4E:
* Easy-to-learn, yet varied and deep gameplay and re-playability
* Incorporate tactical and strategic elements requiring mental agility not "twitch" gameplay
* A "sandbox" Formations Editor to create unlimited fleet formations
* Unique alien races and AI behaviors 
* Beautiful to view and play with gorgeous space background and graphics "effects"
* Provide detailed scoring summary and Statistics
* Most important: be fun, challenging and entertaining!
I welcome ALL here to join as BETA testers, CURRENTLY underway for iOS and Android!
For BETA sign-up directions, please follow this link: http://battleforelysium.com/forum/index.php?topic=5.0
Also, anyone wanting to provide helpful suggestions or feedback (such as how and best sites for my app to be promoted / reviewed - lol), contribute to the B4E "lore" (for fun) or contribute in any other way, I would greatly appreciate it!
About me - a timeline: 1-12> pre-programming, nerdy but "normal", 12 - 17> TURTLE - neet!, Atari 400 - bliss! BASIC - cool, 6502 Assembly - cooler, 18> girls - WAY cooler, 19-20> AI, dreams of MIT?, my BattleMech game - never published, 21 - 44> software developer (business) - lukewarm - hot - lukewarm, 45>iOS/Android programming - cool, again smile.png
John Eastman
Indie Developer
Battle For Elysium

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