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Correct Input handling algorithm in game

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I faced with the following problem:


I want to make menu like in any other game - user assign buttons from the table to do different actions like moving forward/backward and other. So, any button could do ANY work now. And I don`t know which button do forward moving, for example. To know this I must write a ton of checks or switch with a ton of cases. 


Does someone have an algorithm for proper and easy handling such use case without megaton of if/else or switches, considering that this is a C++?

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I had this problem before. The solutin was a table.
On the API I was using at the time, keyboard input was made calling a device update method and than checking if a key is active by its code . for instance Readkey('a') would return true if a is active.

I made a wrapper for this API. Inside this class was a table that associates standard keys ( like up for walk and space for jump) with user defined keys. The class had a readkey(method) that receives a standard key and returns the status of the mapped user defined key, by calling the API method.

So, in my game code, I ever check the status of standar keys leting the translation work for the wrapper.

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