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Map Editor

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post in the forums and I'm not quite sure which section I should post it in, but "Beginner" sounds like the most suitable one.


I am relatively new to game developement, altough I've done ( partially at least - I never really finished it) a very small turn-based strategy / RPG in Flash a few years ago, and a side-scrolling space shooter in C++ / SDL. I've thinkered a bit with OpenGL and 3D, mostly out of curiousity, but haven't really done anything in it.


In both my previous games I have used sprites from really old games for the backgrounds and characters, but now I'm thinking of doing something a little better looking, and with a bit more freedom of movement. Basically, I am aming for an environment like that of Wartune. Here are a few screenshots of it:





My question is:


Is there some (preferably free) software, something like a map editor, that I can use to create an environment like this - basically starting with a huge grassy field and adding trees / buildings / rivers / etc? ( I am literally envisioning the WarCraft III Map Editor right now, which was exactly what I need, but not game-specific, or including any scripts, just a map I can export as an image ).


I've come across a few tile map editors, but what I've seen in their screenshots is a lot more pixelated and console looking than what I am aiming for. If there is an option to change the camera angle when creating the battle arenas, like in the screenshot below, that would be great.




Thank you in advance.


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If you want an editor, I believe unity3d has one that will allow you to do that (it is free with restrictions, but if you are using for fun/learning/small studio you can use it for free).


If you want a program to generate a random terrain for you, google for heightmap generator and you will find a plenty. After you created the map you will need an engine to render it. Last time I did it, I used Panda3d, but many engines can render it for your.

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