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I''m a newbie in 3d. I''m writing a small 3d engine and an editor. I dont know wich way to go. At the begining I''m using AA polygons, just 4 vertices per polygon. I do split each rectangle in 2 triangles, than I use trianglelist to render them. I have a common array of vertices , and a common array of triangles that holds only indexes on vertex array (this is to reduce the memeory print for verticres). Looks fine until now. I''m throwing in a BSP. Durring the bsp construction some of the triangles are split and the result may be a polygon having 4 vertices. Now I''m in trouble rendering the new shapes. My question is. 1. I store these as multiveritces polygons, then I build BSP then I tesselate the resulting polygons and render the resulted triangles 2. I do the teselation before, then I build the BSP ,then I teselate again. 2. Non of the above. Thak you Marius C.

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