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VIDEO: iubes are intelligent cubes and we hate all of them

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Hi everyone! Iubes is a very indie-style spare-time RTS game project: time streching, spherical playground and other weirdnesses for a kind of light & outwarding strategy game...

How to describe the game?

It's a cross-over between God games and RTS (Age of Empire like) but while traditional RTS have a lot of micro-management (seek for resources, cost of buildings, click and manage units) here you don't need to take care of this at all: iubes are intelligent and are going to manage "how to do your things" by themselves. You don't control iubes directly but only select what/where/when they have to do.

For example, you can ask them to set any construction at any time without carrying about resources. BUT, you can't know precisely when the constuction will be finished: it all depends on your iubes organization, availability, if they can find near resources, and so on. Thus you've got to closely look at the playground to analyse the situation.

The purpose of those mechanics is to let you focus on the time factor: everything is a question of time. Speed up the timeline if everything goes fine, then pause, think, make a few ajustements, restart... you spend your time asset at your wish and play from x0 to x100 time ratio.

But time streching has a side effect: every single dead iube will come back on night time (ghost are very weak soldier, but... numerous!) and you really have to keep this in mind. The more you enforce the opponent player, the more you're bound to face tons of lost souls! You'd better not start a war at dusk! Of course you can use this day/night sequencing at your advantage.

The aim of all of this is a very simple gameplay, with a real strategic gaming.


... but the first video might help to explain the oddities ^^



I need your help guys!

In the forthcoming weeks I'd like to enroll a decent amount of beta testers for online battles, thus if you're interested in RTS/God games, you can register right now on the website (http://www.iubes.com)! So we'll be able to start some epic battles...


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