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Searching Algorithm on Matrix Type Data

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Instigator    150

I would like to implement an efficient algorithm to search data as part of the following format.


|X|Y|100 character length string|


All columns are non-unique. Which means you can have


|5.5|23.4|SOME TEXT|

|10.1|12.2|SOME TEXT|

|10.1|10.1|MORE TEXT|



An example of a query would be :


- FindText("SOME*") /*Returns all rows with this text */

- FindX(10.1)

- FindY(10.1)




Will a simple array suffice or is their an algorithm more efficient I should  read about? 

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alvaro    21247

You can keep the data in an array and then have auxiliary data structures to be used as indices, which would map values of a column to indexes to the main array. If you are using C++, std::unordered_multimap is a good way to do this.


If you are never going to remove data, this is really simple.

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