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General questions about the iOS Game Center

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jwezorek    2663

I just want to survey people's opinions about how important Game Center integration is for an iOS game. 


I'm asking because I honestly don't know ... I personally like the kinds of games that I write and actively play them on my iPad but I don't really care about social networking crap and don't look at leader boards or challenge friends to beat my scores or anything like that, but I'm thinking this could be generational and that I may be the weird one. so...


  1. In your opinion how important  is it for a single-player action puzzle games for iOS to integrate with Game Center to support leader boards and social networking functionality.
  2. Should it support game center and have  a traditional (local) high score screen or is that redundant?
  3. Should it have a local highscore screen if it doesn't support game center?
  4. Would it be better to integrate with something else? i.e. something like OpenFeint, which is dead right???
  5. If it does integrate with Game Center what are the most important Game Center features to include?
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frob    44908

Due to a lack of response in the mobile/console forum, moving to The Lounge for a bit more exposure.  


As for the questions, .... I use Android.

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blutzeit    1650

On one hand, you potentially get more exposure with Game Center support (in the App Store and Game Center apps). Also, it's fairly easy to implement, a few calls to update the leaderboard score and achievements. On the other hand, for a single-player game without any social elements, depending on the game, the Game Center features may not add much value to the game.


Instead of asking "How can Game Center fit with your game?", another approach is to ask the question "How can you make your game fit in with Game Center?". Sometimes you can find social networking features that fits well with and enhances the gaming experience. It all depends on the design goals you set for the game though.

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