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Eber Kain

wglCreateContext Problem

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I tried to use my GLH library at school and it gave an error on the wglCreateContext call on every system. But the OpenGL Screensavers bundleded with windows work on those systems? And the code works fine on my Athlon/Voodoo3.

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Does it give the error in both windowed and fullscreen modes? Maybe the school computers don''t have updated drivers, or maybe no 3d accelerator at all. The OpenGL drivers on the machine might be the slow microsoft hardware emulation drivers. Try to run the program in a window or in the same mode as the desktop.
Also make sure you''re not using stencil buffers or anything when creating the window.
I don''t know if any of this is right, but I feel your frustration.


Something kinda sad about
the way that things have come to be.
Desensitized to everything.
What became of subtlety?

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