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Gaming service

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I'm off to start a gaming service. Both the downloadable games, web based games (Possible free storage space for the game), android, iphone, etc. This is for the sale of games and free versions.
So I wonder if there is anyone here who is willing to upload the games you've made??? And please come with suggestions on what features you want on such a service.

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So I wonder if there is anyone here who is willing to upload the games you've made???

Well its a empty question really (1) maybe you should start by shedding some light on how you plan to make such a service (2) how you plan for a user to view content (3) what share in the profits would you give to content creators (4) how do you plan on targeting all these platforms? especially IOS? 


You shouldnt really be posting nothing to your announsements then expect people to give you an answer if they would upload their games to your service.

I wish the best of luck to you but i dont think this broad concept will get you very far.

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"Never get involved in a land war in Asia (or build a website for no reason)."  The same advice applies to starting a game distribution service.


You would be entering a crowded market where there are already numerous well-established competitors that your potential customers already know and trust.  If you want to be successful, you should really have your own strong vision for the features your service will offer; ideally it should solve some problem many people experience with existing services, or do what they do in a measurably better way.



If you really want to start such a service that's your choice, but know that you're getting yourself in for a lot of work -- you'll have a hard schlep getting established -- and will have to compete with the many services that are already established.  



What can you offer to developers of downloadable games that Steam and Desura (amongst many others) don't already offer?

What can you offer to web-based game developers that Kongregate and Newgrounds (amongst many others) don't already offer?  They already offer free space, so that won't cut it, and they already attract huge audiences.

What can you offer that the Google Play marketplace and Apple App Store don't already offer to Android and iOS developers respectively?


Have you considered the legal implications of essentially being a publisher?  Do you need to file paperwork, register as a business, etc.?  You'll probably have to pay taxes on any income too!  How will you handle payments?


These are all questions you'll need good answers to if you want to be successful.



Note that I'm not trying to be discouraging here, but just pointing out some of the things you'll need to think about before getting into this.  If you can answer these questions and are willing to do the hard work you might be able to create a new successful service -- if not, perhaps realising how much there is to be done before starting will save you some wasted effort!



Good luck, hope that's helpful! smile.png

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