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Animation blending

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Tthe13th    172

Hi everyone,

I have model of a 1-persone submarine with 3 animations. ATM i'm working only with 2 of them: first for back elevator up/down turning and second for side turbine up/down turning. (they are independent)

I'm trying to blend animations with ID3DXAnimationController-s SetTrackPriority, SetTrackEnable and SetTrackWeight. When i have only one enabled it plays correctly, but when i try to blend them, they run only to middle. If i try to play them with double speed they still run only to middle but 2-times. I tried to set SetTrackWeight for both to 0.5 and then both to 1.0 but it didn't work.

Is it possible to blend such animations with ID3DXAnimationController or are there different ways?

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