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Experiences/Feedback re: stock audio like audiojungle and Pond5?

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Hi all,  I'm not sure where to post this so am posting here.  I hope it's within the proper context.


I'm curious if anyone would give their feedback on using using stock audio sites like audiojungle or Pond5 for use in their games?  Basically I'm just seeking basic comments on things like:

- could you find what you needed?

- could you maintain a consistent musical theme if applicable?

- issues of characteristics of the files themselves (too long/too short/formats/loopable/context etc)?

- biggest advantages/disadvantages?

- what you wish you could find for your game but couldn't?

- specific sites that you think do a good job w/ stock audio, and why?


I'm seeking to be a content creator and am trying to understand what type of things game designers./developers find lacking and attractive in what's available out there right now? 


I appreciate any comments.

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