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JRPG Game Scenes and Scripts

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I'm creating a JRPG using C# and now I'm trying to design an event manager system.

I will start far.


My favorite games are Legend Of Mana and FF VIII. Here some screens.

Legend Of Mana



With my friend we are trying to create an extensible well-designed system for controlling game events.

I have read some articles here with search query "game scripts", "game events" and so on.


And I've found a good solution - Event manager, which can subscribe and unsubscribe on game events.

This event manager we will use for dialogs, cutscenes and game quests. We are planing a various unlinear dialogs.


But I haven't got a full image of this manager in my imagination.


I can't catch the moment of event changing, cutscene animations, chains of events and etc.


Please, give me some articles, tips, views about this problem and how "grown" programmers do this game modules happy.png


Thanks in advance,


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You are approaching a surprisingly broad and complicated problem. To make things worse, you ask for vague directions using vague terminology. I have no idea what should I really write you, from your 10,000 ft view everything seems nice already...

From this 10,000 ft view, what you need is a list of each with a condition to be satisfied. You understand this might be a list... or a tree... of some structure.


So, only interesting advice. Don't think "in general". It will make your head hurt and your workload explode. Define with reasonable precision what you need to make your game work. It is important you have a clear picture of your needs before you start. Take for granted you will be able to do it and draw or write the story on a piece of paper.

In general, you will need sequences and conditions, with some logic operators. 


Here is an example: "this door (unique name "RGBKeyedDoor") opens only if player has red, green and blue keys".

Solution 1: Every time a key is picked up it tells RGBKeyedDoor it has been picked up

Solution 2: When RGBKeyedDoor is approaches it does getPlayerInventory(), then find("red key"), find("blue key"), find("green key").


The two things of course are NOT the same.


This "event manager" you have read about it's not the solution. At best, it's part of the solution.

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Thanks a lot for your response!


With my friend w? will try to concreate all targets we want to achive, write it in a paper, classified and analyze.

You are quite right, beacause we cannot achive a full picture of all things we want in game.

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