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OpenAL distance scaling

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I am working on a project in lwjgl which uses OpenAL for its audio. The library seems to be primarily built for 3D sound, but I am attempting to use it in a 2D game. I'm having an issue where OpenAL seems to be interpreting the distances and velocities that I give as much larger than they need to be.


The picture above is a screen shot from the game. Its a top-down shooter and the enemies really aren't that far away. I'm playing a firing sound from the location of each of the enemies you see on screen whenever they fire a shot, but when they do, it is essentially inaudible. If I turn up the volume and move towards or away from the enemies as they fire, the pitch of the sound will bend (due to the Doppler shift) outside of the audible range, or potentially the frequency range of my speakers.


I have tried explicitly setting the AL_REFERENCE_DISTANCE and AL_MAX_DISTANCE values to 1.0f and the max value of a float respectively which does nothing presumably since these are the default values. The  problem could potentially have to do with the fact that my coordinates are in terms of pixels, so the enemies on screen are some 250 units away and the player is moving at 240 units per second. Is this a cause of the problem? How can I fix it?

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