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Battling Dragons and Mythical Beasts! Who Will Win?

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Welcome to The Dragon Empire's kickstarter project!



Allow me to begin by explaining that The Dragon Empire is a browser-based, free-to-play, virtual pet breeding game. Players breed dragons and beasts in over 16 million colors with a variety of markings and mutations.


The newest expansion venture for The Dragon Empire is to add "The Hallows Arena", a turn-based combat feature where players will breed and battle dragons and beasts against others and where rankings and gold nuggets are earned, NOT purchased!


The first feature to be delivered will be the "Training" section where players will be able to select outdoor areas of The Empire to explore and find monsters to fight.


The second feature to be delivered will be the "Challenges" section.  Here players must complete challenges in "sets" of training areas in order to unlock more areas of The Empire to train in.


And, the last feature to be delivered will be "The Arena" itself. In the arena, players will compete with their dragons and beasts in both player vs monster and player vs player competitions.



  • Levels are shared across all mini-games.
  • Mutations will have varying benefits across different games!
  • Breeding in desirable traits for battle and breeding out undesirable traits is only the beginning.
  • Competitive ranking, and automatic matchmaking for both player vs player, player vs environment and cooperative vs environment.
  • A variety of mini-games, adventures and treasure hunts are currently available for players to earn our gold nugget (gn) site currency as well as to earn XP for leveling of dragons/beasts. With gold nuggets, players can purchase items to enhance their dragon/beast battling skills and abilities. Players need not spend a dime to earn rewards. This is NOT a Pay2Win!

In anticipation of our new venture, we have implemented the necessary supporting infrastructure for "The Hallows Arena".

Every dragon and beast is now born with unique base battling stats and abilities which are directly influenced by colors, markings and mutations.

A variety of mini-games, adventures and treasure hunts are currently available for players to earn our site currency (called gold nuggets) and XP for leveling of dragons and beasts. With gold nuggets, players can purchase items to enhance their dragon and beast battling skills and abilities.

A specific group of items have been programmed to provide unique abilities usable in "The Hallows Arena" as well as to enhance dragon and beast stats for leveling and game-play.


The Dragon Empire - They say the essence of the Dragon Empire was born in a storm. An embryonic nucleus somewhere in the thunderheads of the black clouds, gathering for years in the lands know as The Jet Tempest. Black clouds that were rife with lightning strikes. But no one was around to really know and although the tale that the first dragons came from the Jet Tempest was well known, there were no actual witnesses from when or where they came. Draqrats however, say they know. Yes, the Draqrats claimed that they were the original citizens of the realm, but that the dragons overwhelmed. The lore of the Draqrats speaks to what they thought was an earthquake, although the sky was the problem, not the ground. They recoiled and ran when the noise started, the air filling with cries which stunned the Draqrats while the lightning struck and struck again. Huge beings, impossibly heavy to hang in the air as they did, spilled out from the dark, black clouds. The few Draqrats who dared to brave the cataclysmic storm saw tented, canvas-like membranes flapping, giving these creatures airtime not from feather but from something less evocative of angels wings. But of course, that's just what the Draqrats say.

The Hallows Arena - The Hallows was always seen as a dangerous place. Magma, toxic gas clouds, scalding barren earth where no life was thought to exist, but life has a tenacity to do what it does best. Aeturojth - the Eternal Ember, born of the ash and magma, upon the land of Hallows was not the first, but he was the most greedy. He built his lair in the volcano and guarded his treasure, showing no mercy to those who would dare to enter his domain. Far from the Sovereignty, he could do as he pleased without fear of Imperial or her court. The days and months passed and Aeturojth's horde of treasure grew larger every day, but it still wasn't enough. He ventured forth into the Haunting and hunted the Shadows that lived there... but, Shadows are clever.




For years we have dedicated ourselves to improving The Dragon Empire for our players enjoyment and we aren't about to stop now! We just need a bit of a boost to get us over the development curve.

Come join us in this adventure ... thar be dragons waitin' fer ya!


The Dragon Empire
The Dragon Empire Wiki

The Dragon Empire Press Kit
The Hallows Arena Press Kit
The Hallows Arena Kickstarter


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