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Catalyst Game Engine 0.01a

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Vincent_M    969

Hey Everyone,


Yesterday, I finally released a pre-alpha version of my engine, the Catalyst Game Engine. It's got quite a bit of work left in it, but it is possible to start developing games with it right now if you're a programmer who has some art skills or has others who can contribute their art skills!


This engine is designed to have only a few dependencies (FreeImage is the only one for now), so it should be relatively easy to setup. In its current state, I actively support Mac and iOS, but it should run on Windows although it hasn't been tested yet.


Here's the first setup tutorial for Mac:


Here's the second setup tutorial for iOS:


Here's my website where the project is being hosted:


There isn't a link to get the source code directly from my website (it's all filler content), but I've posted the link in the description for both video tutorials. I'll be releasing more tutorials throughout the week demonstrating other features of the game engine.


NOTE: I started re-working model shader library at the last minute, so although 3D model loading will work, the shaders and the uber shader management code needs to be fixed so everything renders correctly with lighting.


2D games, fonts and menus will work fine though.



EDIT: Here's a video demonstrating showing 3D assets from other games being loaded and rendered using my engine:

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