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Unity C++ in Unity, with webplayer?

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The Backstory:

I'm working on a project called, EQBrowser. This project is taking EverQuest assets and putting them inside Unity. The server-side code has already been reverse engineered via Eqemu in C++.


The current build has all Models & Animations up to Kunark. Ecommons, no zone Objects. Camera modes (F9): 3rd person orbit, 3rd person locked, 1st person. Default player is human with all available animations for that model.


The Problem:

I have the complete server-side code for Eqemu and I have assets inside Unity. I need to include the C++ code into Unity and have absolutely no idea how to go about that. Reading on the internets I hear that my C++ code will not work with the webplayer? Does this still hold true? How can I utilize this already written code?


The Source:!91MgzJSY!D_mO0k9fkbOYM4BAADCLmRj-l6sEsjSruy5tARUkBb4

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For obvious security reasons the Unity web player runs as a sandbox in the browser, as such it does not support plugins,dll's etc and never will. I believe its possible to add your own code to the web player, but that involves obtaining a specific license from unity to essentially produce your own version of the webplayer. However that will have a substantial cost involved and for all intensive purposes is not a viable option.


So really you are looking at converting all the c++ into either Unity's javascript or c#.

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