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Passing HWND's

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I''ve been digging deeper into engine structure with DLL''s and found a (to me) nasty problem. As we all know, DirectX and OpenGL needs access to an HWND. If you conbine two of these parts (e.g. DirectInput and OpenGL) they need to have access to the SAME HWND and there''s my problem. At my current state, I''ve got 2 DLL''s (Audio and Video) and 1 executable (Main.exe) I know need a way for all these 3 parts to use the SAME hwnd. Is there someone out there that can throw me a candle over this problem?

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Well, I guess that the Audio dosen''t need it''s own unique HWND. Only the video does (for the window to draw to)
My idea:
Create a window in main.exe
Pass that HWND to some init function that is in each DLL


//A line in the .H file for Audio
bool InitAudio(HWND AppHwnd);

//A line in the .H file for Video
bool InitVideo(HWND AppHwnd);

//Include both of these in the main.exe and in the WinMain()
//...Create Window

//In each DLL create a global variable that holds the HWND passed to it.

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