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Math needed to create 3D engine?

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Hi! I''m in an accelerated math class at my school where I go ahead of the rest of the class in the book, and at the end of the first semester I go to Algebra with the next grade up. However, I got through our book much faster than planned for and for about 6 weeks I can study any kind of math I want. What kinds of math are usefull in programming games, especially for 3D engines? Also, what good books made specifically for mathematics of games have review questions that I could use as assignments? Thanks a lot! (P.S.-I am already a programmer, I just don''t do a whole lot of the thick hard math stuff yet.) Jordan S.

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Learn every kind of math you can learn !!!
Math rulez tha world together with astronomy and physics

But for 3d games the best is to learn linear algebra

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By algebra, I hope you mean Linear Algebra. You need to understand the intricacies of matrices and vectors and their geometric interpretations.

If you are interested in math, and want make a 3D engine, learn ALL the math that you can. It can all be applied in one way or another.

Here''s a course outline of the Linear Algebra course I took a few years back. It recommends a pretty standard Linear Algebra text.


For mathematics books pertaining to engine design, get 3D Game Engine Design. Since Dave Eberly is a PhD in Mathematics, it gets pretty mathematical.

And just to tease you guys, his new book coming up is looking awesome. It will specifically address mathematics in computer graphics. But I don''t want to give anything else away.


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