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SDL Framework (SDLFW) with LUA binding

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Hi everyone, I'm making a LUA binding to the SDL library.

So what is SDLFW ?

SDLFW is a cross-platform framework from the powerful SDL library to make 2D games with the LUA programming language.
It's easy-to-use, free, open-source, and works on Windows and Linux (more platforms in new versions).

Main Features

* Fast application development through LUA scripting language
* Provides input from the keyboard, mouse, and joystick
* Provides a clean, simple, and reliable time and timer API
* Provides an API for reading and playing tracks on a CDROM
* Provides a thread API that looks like a simplified version of pthreads
* Is small, portable, and reliable


I just release SDLFW alpha version. This version only supports the SDL functions.
The AUDIO and CD-ROM functions are not supported in this version.
Enjoy it.


If you like this project, please donate 1 dollar or more to make this project better.

Contact and Feedback

Eduardo David Correa - Developer

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Hi, I just release a new revised version of the alpha version, because I've some problems on Windows in old PCs with the SDL 1.2.15. So in this revised version I do a downgrade to the SDL 1.2.14 and compiled LUA as static library, now SDL.dll is the only DLL.

New version files :

* SDLFW-alpha-1.zip
* SDLFW-source-1.zip
* SDLFW-dep-1.0-1.zip

Now, I working in the SDLFW 1.0 Beta this version, it have a full support to the all SDL functions :)

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Well, I just release SDLFW 1.0.2 Beta. Now with more functions and more.

- Adds endian and rwops functions.
- Change some functions name (sorry about that) :
SDLFW_AudioPositionAll --> SDLFW_AllAudioPosition
SDLFW_AudioLoopAll --> SDLFW_AllAudioLoop
SDLFW_AudioPlayAll --> SDLFW_AllAudioPlay
- Next version : v1.1 with SDL_image support.

Enjoy it :)

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