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Some quations about FMOD designer API

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Recently I‘m using FMOD designer API to build my game audio system.I‘v never use sound before so I‘m very confused.please help me with these questions:

1.What is FMOD::MusicSystem used for? To play background music according to game play status?For example ,When the player walk into a battle field background music change from some lyrical music to drums sounds to tall player to prepare for fight.Am I think right?

2.What is "cue" "theme" in FMOD music system means?

3.In FMOD Designer application I can use Audition Console to trigger music cue to pay some music,the music segment (if has loop on) will loop until I stop the music (by push the button of the cue).but in my application when I use FMOD::musicSystm::promptCue to play the "cue" the music segment just play once!What is the right way to play those "cue"?

Thanks for reading my post.

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