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Tips for aspiring 2D sprite artist?

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Hi guys,


I am currently working on a platformer game with a friend, and I have been given the responsibility of creating the 2D sprites. While I do have experience in creating digital artworks, I have very little experience in creating sprites, in terms of 2D animation. I have recently finished an 8 frame run cycle as a placeholder asset, but I would still like to refine my creation process to help it become more quick and accurate. I would appreciate any tips that will help me refine my process, especially on these areas:


Character position within each frame:

My first attempt at a run cycle had the character's body changing positions, from the center to further to the right, between each frame. My partner suggested that I keep the body positioned at the center for each frame. Is this the right thing to do, and, for other actions such as tripping over and jumping, how can I know where to position the character within each frame?


Sprite positioning within game world for each frame:

In cases such as jumping and tripping over, each frame captures each step of the action. However, the sprite is also moving within the game world. For example, in the trip animation, the first frame would position the sprite in front of the object it is tripping over, but the following frames would likely have the sprite positioned on top of the object.In my mind, I find it hard to imagine how I should draw each frame to account of these changing sprite positions.


I look forward to hearing your tips :)




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