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What should I name the Gods?

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I'm working on an RPG/Dungeon Crawl and I could use some help naming the 'Gods'.  They are central to the game but I'm terrible with names.  The game is very dark and has influences from Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Call of Cthulhu and Silent Hill.


The story in a nutshell:

  • A "prophet" traveled the world and convinced people to follow him to a special place of great power.
  • The prophet and his tribe of followers built the perfect walled city from scratch.  It was a utopia, powered by a mysterious energy at the core.
  • Then utopia fell.  Civil problems started to crop up.  Things became unstable.  There were internal power struggles.
  • The prophet was murdered.  In his place, nine citizens took command of the city, forming The Sovereign Council.
  • Each Sovereign was a specialist in their own discipline.  The power of the city's core turned them powerful and immortal, however, and over time they became corrupt and controlling.  
  • The Sovereigns fought among themselves, granting worshipers magic powers and turning them into warring gangs.
  • Many fled the city, which quickly turned into a war zone.
  • Not all of the Sovereigns were corrupt, however.  [Wise Sovereign], exhausted from trying to reason with the others, decided he had no other choice.  He sealed all eight Sovereigns into the city's core chamber with energy that only he could undo.
  • [Wise Sovereign] has since been captured.  For the last 75 years he has undergone daily torture by worshipers of the Sovereigns, demanding he undo the seal and set them free.  Yet he keeps the seal in place.
  • Though the Sovereigns are sealed, their influence still continues to spread and has begun to go beyond the city walls.
  • The player must lead a team of heroes into the cursed city, free [Wise Sovereign], and find a way to kill the remaining eight Sovereigns once before their influence engulfs the world.


So with the theme established, here are the nine Sovereigns.  I'd love any suggestions you have on names.


  • Queen of Murder.  Associated with thieves, assassins, murder, spying, traps, the cold and seduction.
  • King of the Royal Guard.  Associated with warriors, steel, totalitarianism, silent armored brutes, and bladed executions.
  • The Sorcerer King. Associated with mages, mind games, insanity and dark magic.
  • The King of Chains.  Associated with the prison, chains, torment, fire, brutal strength, muscles, and sadistic torture.
  • King of Trade.  Associated with commerce, greed, temptation, gluttony, profit, and selfishness.
  • The Surgeon King.  Associated with surgery, death, the undead, plagues, illnesses, and the macabre.
  • Queen of the Wild.  Associated with nature, wild beasts, purification through death, medicines and poisons
  • The High King.  Associated with power, manipulation, and command.  The most powerful of all the Kings/Queens.
  • The Betrayer King.  Associated with wise council, temperance, foresight, and empathy.  Currently captive by worshipers of The King of Chains, and likewise guarded by other worshipers.  (If he were to escape all worshipers would be screwed, so he is the only neutral thing they'll agree to protect.  Otherwise the city is an eight-territory gang land)


So, do any names in particular strike you?  Or better yet, just blurt out what comes to mind for each one.  I'd prefer they be a little Cthulhu-esk, if possible.  If any are accepted, I'll list you in the game's credits.  I really appreciate any suggestions you may have, and thanks for your time.


- Anthony


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Queen of Murder - Königin des Mordes

King of the Royal Guard - Hauptschutz

The Sorcerer King - Der Zauberer

The King of Chains - The Chained Man


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hy not use; type in one of those words and then base the name on the result.


Murder is asesinato in spanish, so maybe her name could be Aseso or something.


That's a pretty good idea Rybo.  I was actually trying to think of real-world people and terms and mix them all together in a big pot.  Like for The Surgeon King, inspirations could be:



Dr. Mengele




So perhaps that yields:


Malgethe, the Surgeon King



Didn't think about using other languages, though.  Thanks for the tip!


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