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Name for nation focus/doctrine

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Im doing a turn-based (tabletop) strategy game in a cold war setting where you control a superpower.

Each turn is around half a year and the player can choose a focus/doctrine for the "empire". Holding the same focus for 3 turns gives a bonus in that "style" of play (sort of nation "specialization").


But focus is a bit boring, doctrine sounds cooler but maybe that means something else? What else can it be called? (maxim, axiom i dont know...)

Also, the names for the actual "focuses" your nation can hold (below)? Any suggestions for improvements on the names?


Aggression (bonus to attacks, penalty for def)

Security (bonus to def)

Industry (bonus income)

Mobilization (produce military units)

Intelligence (get special cards and protects against spies)


Thanks for your input!


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I like the word doctrine but unless your nations are fantasy I'd mine from real history for the names and the bonuses and make them a bit asymmetric in order to give them more character. For example maybe for economy a doctrine would be a Five Year Plan or Great Leap Forward, which might harm social stability of a communist country (requiring increased security) while improving the economy. Democracies might get Foreign Advisors or Police Action as Doctrines, which increase military offense while making the population unhappy or raising the prospect for scandal, war or humiliation of an administration.


I think there's a lot you can pick and choose from even if you're only loosely basing it on history.

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but does doctrine work as word for the "focus" itself:


chinas current doctrine is economy

us current doctrine is mobilization


sounds wierd.

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