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Call of the Wild: Narrative-driven, randomised wilderness survival

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Hi, I just launched a kickstarter in order to finish up my game, which you can take a look at here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/caiys/call-of-the-wild-0


And here's some info, let me know if you have any questions. smile.png




Hi, I'm Anthony Case. With your help I'd like to finish my wilderness survival game for Windows and Mac PCs, where you must unfurl a mysterious tale and escape a magical realm before the unending winter consumes you.




The story revolves around an unnamed protagonist (visually customisable) who must discover why he awakens in this magical realm and how to escape it. A spirit guide helps him to learn the skills of survival, the obstacles he must vanquish and the final path he must seek. I don't wish to spoil too much, but ultimately the game is a metaphor for finding mental and emotional closure in trying times.




The gameplay focuses on exploration for new areas, gathering food and resources to make tools and gear to ease your survival needs, and gain access to strange regions learning new skills and uncovering more of the story. Many elements are selectively randomised, such as weather and ailments, what areas you discover and the resources within them, as well as the skills you learn, ensuring a fresh challenge each play. You'll also have to deal with the changing seasons, narrative tasks and various creepy shenanigans.


Additionally there will be an Endless game mode, which strips all of the narrative and adds extra challenge and mechanics. The purpose of Endless is to simply survive for as long you can eke out with the yearly winter being your greatest nemesis.


I've been working on the game in my free time and have laid much of the groundwork in terms of the engine and content, but would like to commit to developing the game full-time allowing me to finish it in short order. The kickstarter funding combined with the money earned from releasing my first commercial game Ilamentia is enough to secure 3 months of full-time development, which I'm confident is more than enough time to complete the project. Without your support, working on the game in my free-time alone would take closer to a year!


You can download and play an indev Windows build here showing the gameplay, though please keep in mind I aim to polish it greatly and it doesn't include the narrative. Tip: Gather the blue spine and use it to saw down a small tree, then place the woodlets on the fireplace to create an inferno, and finally 'use' the fire to spend your first night sleeping soundly under the stars.

Some screenshots: 1234567891011

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