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Need help before I start

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I want to develop a GUI interface for a small PBEM game that I''m playing in...and want to use more than the standard Delphi components for the graphics. While I don''t want this to become a DirectX vs. OpenGL debate, I do need to ask which API would be best suited to do what I want: The main interface is of the globe, with the landmasses split into small regions or countries. I need to know how I can split these regions/countries so that I could detect MouseOver/MouseClick events inside each region. If I was using the windows API, I would define the areas as Regions ( or TRegion in Delphi ) so that I could detect PointInRegion. In the future more maps with different landmass would be added so I also need this to be a generic solution, and one that I can change the actions of the map with a data file. Any thoughts/Views are greatly appreciated.

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It can be done in either

Go with whatever you are using for the actual game.

Check out NeHe''s tutorial on picking for more info

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