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CopperCube for Game Developers Beta released

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"CopperCube for Game Developers" has just been released as beta version, a feature complete preview of the 3D game editor which now includes support for scripting across all publishing targets.


The editor focuses on a user friendly interface which makes it possible create 3D apps and games without programming, but since this version, CopperCube can now also seriously be used by programmers, game developers and people with scripting skills:



The new beta features are:

  • Unified scripting interface. All publishing targets (Windows .exe, Mac OS X .app, WebGL app, Flash .swf and Android app) can now can be scripted using JavaScript with the same API. This means all code written for extending 3D apps will now work on all other targets.
  • CopperCube now supports creating own actions and behaviors. Sharing and downloading new behaviors and actions from the internet is also possible now. These new behaviors are called 'scripted' behaviors and actions, are written in JavaScript, and work on all publishing targets. Apart from a small performance penalty, these actions and behaviors work just like the already built-in ones.

Looking forward to feedback smile.png

The demo can be tried for 14 days for free, get it from the CopperCube website.

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