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frb.js - HTML5 Canvas 2D Engine

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joelmartinez    338

Hey all ... wanted to get some feedback on some work I've been doing on a javascript-based 2d engine. It's a "port" of the regular FlatRedBall engine, which is based on XNA/MonoGame in C#. I wanted to be able to write games for the web, but wanted to do so in a way that didn't require any plugins whatsoever, and I wanted to do so in JavaScript ... so FRB.js was born :)


It's open source (MIT Licensed) on GitHub:


You can see some samples here:


And I've written some documentation here:


I'd love to get some thoughts on the engine, the design of the API, ease (or otherwise) of use, the samples, etc.




note: I know it doesn't likely work in IE ... the perils of working on a mac :) But it should work in the other major browsers.

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